About R.N. Fink Manufacturing Co.

Supplying stock & custom thermoplastic bottles and blow molded components
From a selection of stock products to custom designs, RN Fink can get the job done when you need it.

RNF Manufacturing is an established manufacturer of blow molded products with a near 50 year history of excellent customer service supplying blow molded products to many varied markets:

  • Chemical,
  • Household Products,
  • Pool Chemical,
  • Automotive components & fluid handling,
  • Cosmetic Bottles,
  • Office Equipment & Appliance,
  • Medical,
  • Custom Machinery,
  • Food Industries
  • Pet and livestock

Our experienced staff can produce stock and custom bottles with capacities up to 3 gallons, as well as custom blow molded parts in varying configurations, materials, and in custom colors. Other additional services we provide are:

  • Flame treatment,
  • Custom adhesive labeling,
  • Sleeve labeling,
  • Custom mold work,
  • & Custom packaging.

RNF Manufacturing currently operates 17 extrusion blow molding machines of continuous and intermittent extrusion design out of its 50,000 sq foot facility. Our support departments include a fully staffed tool room featuring CAD and Computer Aided Manufacturing for quick tooling turnaround and maintenance. We also offer engineering and design support as another service to our customers.

As part of our commitment to customer service and to allow quick response to your needs, RNF Manufacturing has a large warehousing facility located on our manufacturing site. This allows us to maintain inventories of stock bottles for larger contract orders, as well as provide a ready inventory of product on hand.

As part of our ongoing commitment to Quality and our philosophy of Continuous Improvement and Quality Excellence, RNF Manufacturing maintains automotive level quality assurance systems and can provide material certifications, SPC charts, Cpk studies, and process FMEA’s if required. We are capable of taking on additional control characteristics beyond our internal standards if required.

RNF Manufacturing processes customer orders in both low and high volume. Our ability to buy materials in large quantities and our rapid changeover capability allow us to be highly competitive in both arenas. We are flexible and will produce ANY order quantities. Smaller orders and can be easily accommodated for prototype, startup, or sampling purposes.

RNF Manufacturing has continued to be a performance leader in our industry throughout our history.

Let us partner with you for success today!

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Williamston, MI 48895
Phone: 1.517-655-4351

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