Adhesive Labels

As a service to our container customers, R.N. Fink Manufacturing Company is happy to provide competitive quotation of adhesive labeling services on a custom and individual basis.

We utilize either customer supplied labels or we can work with you to provide polyethylene or polyester custom labels supplied by R.N. Fink Manufacturing Company.

Our Semi-automatic labeling equipment is specifically geared to short and medium run production orders.

Minimum order quantities for custom labels can be a low as 1000 labels in special cases and when coordinated with container production runs in quantities as low as 1000 parts. Please note that due to process variations, we do not label competitor’s bottles.

All our molding, tooling, and decorative capabilities are in one facility, thereby eliminating extra shipping costs!

For more information, please contact our offices at 517-655-4351 or email

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